What the Market Positioning Workshop can do for Camp Ollie Lou:

Amanda and Daniel, I have spent countless hours taking business owners through Market Positioning Workshops. Consistently I have found this is not where businesses begin and end up creating content that falls short in grabbing their customers attention. 

This was the case for Dr. Stanga, a local Functional Medicine Doctor, who tried to jam pack paragraphs of information on her website and social media platforms. They assumed more was more, but never stopped to think about who their best fit patients actually were. 

After our workshop we discovered female millennials 35-44 were her target audience, honed in on exactly what set her apart from other functional medicine doctors, and the value she brought through her unique services. Below are the results of the workshop when it was implemented into her marketing strategy. 

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Client Case Study: Dr. Maegan Stanga

Dr. Maegan Stanga’s marketing platforms and new patient process needed a major overhaul. Office staff were spending over 20 minutes on the phone per new patient inquiry answering questions the website did not answer and new leads rarely came through their social media platforms. 

Her website and social media platforms were outdated, lacked online patient scheduling, and was not a resource of information to her patients that cared the most. We not only launched a completely rebranded website, but an online scheduler, and new patient automation directly inputting into their existing EMR. 

Brand Development & Website Redesign



Content Development & Digital Marketing

We took over all management and content creation for Dr. Stanga’s platforms. She and her staff were no longer tasked to figure out what to post. Our content strategy grew her following by 975 across her social media platforms and saw an increased reach (people who had not heard of her before) by 42k new accounts. 


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New Followers in 6 Months