Celebrating The Good Shift Launch and The Second Shift Podcast!

Hi Jenny, 

Just saw your post about the launch of your second platform, The Good Shift and the launch of your new podcast! I am a coach to working moms who are leaving corporate in droves because they cannot find the holistic support they need in order to thrive in life and work. I am very intrigued at your intersection of women / work / and wellbeing. 
Recorded a short video for you on a question I had about the new platform and how I could utilize this as a strategic tool within the corporations I currently serve?
The Good Shift_The Second Shift
Play Video about The Good Shift_The Second Shift

Would you be a guest on my podcast?

Also wanted to extend an opportunity for you to share this and your new podcast release on my podcast, Mission and Motherhood. We’ve just launched in May and are nearing 1,000 downloads. My listeners say over and over again this is the space they have been longing for to talk about a thriving career AND motherhood. We can do both!